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Hair stylist for men

Hair Stylist for Men in Sydney

Most of my articles so far in this blog have been about us girls… but what if your MAN is trying to find a good hair stylist in Sydney?

Well, you’ve got a lot of options because Sydney’s hairdressing scene is quickly becoming a competitive environment, particularly in the upper markets. You see, years ago the only real option for men who wanted their hair cut, was to go to a barber shop. Now, these barbers often charged about $10 to $15, used clippers & generally cut hair like on a conveyor belt. And I suppose this was good enough for most blokes, but what about those who wanted a better experience? They’d head to a unisex salon, and probably sneak in while nobody was watching, to avoid disappointment!

Not so today. With the boom of Sydney’s affluent consumers, the growth in up-market hair salons. Those salons are normally lead by a senior hair stylist with many years experience, managing a team of other highly-trained (but less experienced) hair stylists. Their focus is less on “churn & burn”, and more on the overall customer experience.

Some of the best Sydney hair salons for men now offer their customers complimentary drinks – a glass of wine, a bottle of ice cold beer, or a cider. A complimentary head massage may also be part of the deal.

In terms of pricing, you can forget the $10 entry fee. Most up market hair stylists are going to charge $70 or more for a man’s haircut. Of course, you get what you pay for, and an affluent man is likely to consider this price an investment in his relaxation rather than “just a hair cut”.

Why so?

Because their hair stylist recognises them on site. They remember their name. They know their “hair history”. And the customer feels like he’s part of an exclusive club, not just another walk-in number to be processed.

That sense of belonging can make all the difference for the affluent male. From what I hear, many customers of these upmarket hair salons are delighted to continue paying their $70-$100 per haircut month in, month out, referring their friends along the way. And many of them would never dream about going back to a traditional barber shop ever again, they’re customers for life!

So if your man is looking to get a better quality haircut, and they’re sick & tired of the regular barber experience, why not recommend they invest in themselves & try a high end Sydney hair salon for a change? They may be hesitant at first, but it’s likely they’ll never look back once they’ve had a chance to experience the difference of a quality Sydney hair stylist.

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The Importance of Choosing A Great Hairdresser

If you’re like me, you started going to your local hair salon from a very young age with your mum. Hopefully you’ve got some fond memories of those times, and you may even remember how you felt & what you thought when you walked inside – and how you felt when you left! For me, I remember the hairdressers clearly – the ones who were interested in me and my hair, and the ones who looked like they wanted to be ANYWHERE ELSE than right there in the hair salon!
As an adult, I’ve been to dozens of hair salons. Some more expensive than others. Some further away from home than others. Some bigger than others. But the one thing that has been true for me regardless of the salon, is the quality and personality of the hairdresser.
If only most hairdressers knew this! When we ladies go into a salon to get a new do, we want to be made to feel like we’re the most important person in the world. We don’t want the hairdresser to be obsessed with themselves, their weekend, their problems… we want to be all about US!

That’s why we will travel further to follow a hairdresser we love, when they leave one hair salon for another one, right?

You know you have a skilled hairdresser when they are the most requested in the salon. You can always tell the best ones because they’re able to multitask without impacting the quality of their work. This means they can make you feel comfortable and glamorous while they give you the best cut possible, and engage with you in interesting conversation.
Going to a Sydney hair salon today is an experience – it’s not just a quick “10 minutes in the chair” and you’re done. If you’re at a more expensive salon, chances are that the hairdresser will spend more time with you to ensure they give you exactly what you want. A skilled hairdresser will be able to listen to you more than they talk at you, but they’ll also make positive suggestions as to what you can do to improve the condition & health of your hair.

The Best Hairdressers Are Worth Their Cost

You really get your money’s worth when you find a top-notch hairdresser who can give you that perfect cut every time, and make you feel good about yourself at the same time! Although mistakes can happen, the best hair stylists are adept at fixing any issues quickly – without making you feel guilty. The good ones are even honest about it and will make creative suggestions on how to fix certain hairstyles. A good hairdresser can make you believe that they did good work – it often comes down to appearance, attitude & confidence.
Even though skilled hairdressers cost more money than the run-of-the-mill ones, it truly pays to find the best – after all, it’s your hair after all, which is one of the first things people notice about you… whether you like that fact or not!