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My Hair Salon Sydney Rant

WARNING: Hair Salons Sydney – Lift Your Game!

OK, now I’m mad. Hair salons Sydney wide are now officially on notice.


Over the past few months I’ve been shopping around the various hair halons Sydney has on offer. I’ve invested my time, and my money, to find out which ones are good, which ones are bad, and which ones are just so-so.

Well guess what? Most of them just don’t add up at all!

Hair Salon First Impressions

What’s the first thing you do when you want to check out a new Sydney salon? Well if you’re like me, you’ll check out their website to get a sense of how they do things, but the first contact is going to be via phone or social media.

Hmmm. Let’s just say most salons in Sydney do NOT do social media well!!! They may have a Facebook page, a Pinterest or Instagram page, but when I reached out to most of them, I got NO REPLY. None.

That meant I had to go to the phone.

Would you believe that I even had trouble getting through to a lot of salons on the phone??? I get that they’re busy, could be with clients etc… but what kind of first impression is that? Woeful is the word you’re looking for.

Mind you, some did answer the phone well & guided me through the booking process with minimal fuss… but those ones were the exceptions.

Walking In to the Salon

OK this one was a real mixed bag. While most salons looked pretty nice, with quality furnishings & interior designs, some looked like they were seriously stuck in the 90’s. Not exactly what you’d call “modern & chic”.

Some of the salons had up-to-date magazines to flick through while I waited. Many had outdated, tattered & torn magazines. Many had none at all, so I resorted to my iPhone.


Sydney Hairdresser Opportunities to Shine!

If you’re a Sydney hairdresser, let me say this: smile, engage in a lively conversation, and act like you actually LIKE cutting hair, and you’ll position yourself immediately above your competition. Seriously! It’s not hard to excel in this industry in Australia if you just do those things (and obviously you’ve got to be able to cut hair too…)

I love visiting the salon. I love getting my haircuts and relaxing for an hour or so. The least you can do as my hairdresser is not look at me like an interruption to your social calendar.

Is that too much to ask?

Rebooking Hair Appointments

From a business perspective, most hair salons in Sydney that I visited did a pretty bad job of building client loyalty / repeat business. While I have sales pressure as much as the next gal, if I’ve just dropped $100+ on your establishment, wouldn’t you want to suggest I come back in 6 weeks or so? Wouldn’t you want your staff to record my contact details so I can get discounts, coupons or promotions as a loyal customer?

Sadly many salons just thanked me and watched me out the door.

That’s pretty sad.

It’s Not All Bad

Maybe I came across a bit bitchy here. Sorry if I did. I did have a few good experiences like at Detail Woman, even if those salons were more “premium” than the not-so-good salons.

I guess it comes down to the old adage of getting what you pay for.

Anyway, hopefully this and my earlier post about hair salons Sydney will help you enjoy a better salon experience!

Tips for a great experience at a hair salon in Sydney

Getting The Most Out Of A Hair Salon In Sydney

While it is possible to create a unique hairstyle independently at home, there’s nothing quite like having this same hairstyle done up by a professional at a hair salon in Sydney, such as Detail Woman (one of my faves). This is becoming a common activity among women of all ages, simply because the results are better, it takes less time, and – frankly – it’s more fun than doing it yourself!

There are various factors to consider before visiting a salon. In some cases, a visit to the hair salon can end with disastrous results. This post will provide information on the points to take into account when visiting a hair salon in Sydney.

1. Choosing A Style

Acquiring a desired look will begin with choosing an interesting, yet appropriate, hairstyle.  This can be done by flicking through the hair salon’s magazines, or by discussing a twist on basic styles with the hairdresser. Initial selection is one of the most important elements to obtaining the desired result.  Of course, not all styles will suit your appearance and this is why the hair stylist must be consulted before cutting your hair. It may be disappointing if your desired hairstyle does not complement your facial features, but it is important to be realistic and understand why the style will not be suitable. Even if you’re disappointed in their feedback, it’s better than being disappointed (and maybe even embarrassed) if they try to style your hair that way, and it doesn’t work out like you’d hoped!

2. Communicating Expectations

Now that you have identified the style you desire, it is time to share this information with your professional consultant.  Effective communication is essential when relaying information about the style you’ve chosen.  Poor communication can lead to an incorrect representation of the chosen hairstyle and can lead to negative results, and when you don’t feel good about your appearance it’s likely to make you feel a bit… emotional,  Of course, you may express your expectations to the professional stylist and still receive a poor representation of the hairstyle.  No guarantees, of course. But to ensure that the hairdresser gives you high quality services, it is recommended that you read testimonials from previous customers on third party review websites. These testimonials should also be prominent on their website, and mostly positive!

3. Voicing Your Concerns

Your hair is unique to you, and your stylist should be skilled enough to acknowledge this and manage your needs accordingly. If you have specific concerns regarding the styling, it is important that you mention these to the your hairdresser before, during and after the session.  If you do not express concerns, it may be possible that the result will not meet expectations; however, if the concerns are voiced the stylist can adjust their cutting to meet your desires.  At any leading Sydney hair salon, your hairstylist should be skilled enough to be flexible, and able to adapt on the fly, so you walk out with hair you love.

Hair drying in a hair salon

Hair drying in a hair salon

4. Understanding HOW TO Maintain your new do

An acknowledgement and understanding of hair maintenance relates is similar to the points I mentioned about voicing your concerns. Basically, you need to ask enough questions that you’re confident and comfortable in what you need to do – every day – to keep your hair in its best condition for the style you’ve chosen. Don’t be afraid to ask for definitions of any unfamiliar terms.

Final Thoughts

Visiting a hair salon in Sydney can be very exciting; hopefully these tips will help you get the most out of your next relaxing salon experience!