The Benefits Of Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment can fix many of your hair issues… for a few months ūüôā

Your¬†hair is a very critical part of your¬†body. Not only does your hair play a significant role in the regulation of body temperatures but it also says a lot about your¬†overall appearance. Some people are born with shiny¬†&¬†healthy hair (lucky ducks!) while there are others of us who experience various¬†problems with our¬†hair… on a daily basis. For those of us¬†who experience problems, the good news is, there’s a number of¬†treatments which can help us improve the health and appearance of our¬†hair. One of the most common hair treatments used today is known as Keratin treatment. This treatment is a half-permanent (semi-permanent?) kind of process that is meant to induce Keratin into the hair shaft. If you didn’t know already,¬†Keratin is the natural protein that is found in your hair. This protein plays a major¬†role in strengthening your hair, making it shinier and more¬†flexible.

Thank-you, science! ūüôā

Here are some benefits I’ve found of using keratin straightening treatments:

Complete Elimination Of Frizz

Frustrated by frizzy hair? If so, then keratin was designed with you in mind.¬†This is one of the most outstanding benefits of keratin hair treatment. After this treatment, you will have smooth and beautiful hair even in the most humid conditions. Different formulas for this treatment will determine how long your hair will stay soft, but the normal range seems to be somewhere¬†between two and¬†six months (if you’re lucky).

Save Time Blow Drying

Another¬†benefit of keratin treatment is that it saves you lots of¬†time! Most gals¬†waste a lot of time blow-drying and using their flat iron on their hair. Keratin treatments can¬†save up to sixty percent off the time it takes you to¬†dry and style your hair. Think of what else you could do with all that extra time! Like searching on Pinterest, for example… you know, productive stuff like that…

It Seals In The Colour

Keratin treatment can be applied¬†on natural or chemically treated hair. If you’re thinking about getting a colour done,¬†it seems best to do so before¬†you treat your hair¬†with keratin. The reason for¬†this, is that the moment keratin is sealed on your hair, the color that had been applied on your¬†hair previously is sealed effectively. The keratin you’ll get¬†from the treatment also prevents the colour from fading. Think of it as an added bonus!

Keratin Can Be Customised

Obviously, every girl’s hair is different. Keratin¬†treatment is helpful because¬†it can be customised¬†to fit your¬†particular needs. Some keratin formulas are designed to eliminate up to seventy percent of curls while there are others that have their focus on the elimination of frizz. All these formulas and several others give you¬†several customisable options to choose from. Different formulas can also be applied to various parts of the hair to bring out the desired look.

So there you have it – some of the biggest reasons why I love¬†keratin treatment. Whenever you start experiencing issues with your hair, go for the keratin treatment, and you never know – it may just¬†solve your hair problems… at least, for two to six months!

DISCLAIMER – Be Careful Who You Choose!

I should mention, there¬†are “horror stories” about Keratin online, like this one:

So my suggestion is this: check out the hair salon before getting any keratin treatment done! 

Check their reviews, talk to your friends, do your due diligence… before¬†proceeding with the treatment. One hair salon I hear good things about is Detail Woman¬†(see their indepth WordPress article at that link), but there are plenty of other options to choose from too.