Wow time has flown!!! Just realised it’s been several years since I wrote on this little blog of mine, which has (for some reason) attracted quite a lot of spammers wanting to post their articles on my site 🙂

Sorry guys, not gonna happen.

Sooo… on with the topic of this post!

The Unwanted Tattoo

Just like a huge number of people in Australia, I’ve got tattoos. Some of my tattoos are better than others. Some I love. Some I hate. Some I’m like… meh. Whatevs.

But there was one tattoo I had on my ankle which was really bothering me lately. It was so bad, I’m not even going to show it here as it may offend. Basically, I was in a REALLY dark place when I had that tattoo done, and for the last few years I’ve had it covered up with socks 🙂

It wasn’t the worst one in the world though… I’ve got some friends who have to cover up their tattoos at work (really??? It’s 2019, you dictators!). Others have got tatts of their past boyfriends or girlfriends… relationships that ended VERY BADLY indeed.

While mine was easily covered up & normally out of view (except when at the beach… or if I was wearing sandles… or thongs… or lots of other times lol) I wanted it gone.

Goneskis. No more. Tattoo be gone!

Tattoo Removal Options

I had looked at lots of ways to get rid of this unwanted tattoo, because there are of course HEAPS of myths out there… like, tattoo removal creams. But… it just sounded too dodgey to be true. I dunno, the idea of rubbing cream on your skin to get rid of tattoos… seemed like something out of a late night infomercial, right???

I found other “do it yourself” kits as well, but they didn’t give me much confidence… each one just seemed like a “too good to be true” pitch, targeting people like me who were desperate for a change.

The only real option I could find was laser tattoo removal.

But then… then there were the horrors I read of laser tattoo removal gone wrong which scared the crap outta me.

Sorry… how much???

And the cost can really add up, too – I had heard of a woman being charged about $10k to get rid of a full leg tattoo. Yikes…

My research also showed that lots of tattoo removal clinics would low-ball clients just to get their business, then keep adding extra treatment after extra treatment because their devices weren’t able to get rid of the tattoo quickly.

This slime-ball approach to doing business really pisses me off, so be sure to do your homework before you commit to any one skin clinic!

Bit the Bullet…

Eventually I got the courage to get the work done. I asked my friends who had tattoos removed before. I checked out Choice & other online reviews. I did what we all do & ran a Google search for laser tattoo removal sydney to explore the best ones available in my area.

In the end, I ponied up the cash & got my tattoo removed once & for all. For me, it took 6 treatments & cost me around $800.

There was some discomfort, I’m not going to lie – anyone who tells you that tattoo removal is painless, well… they’re lying to themselves and you. It freakin’ stings!

Worth It?

Short answer: yes.

This tattoo had bothered me for over 7 years, so to me it was worth every penny to have it removed.

Did it hurt?

Um… yes!!! Much more than actually getting the tattoo in the first place.

But I feel sooooo much better. My skin healed in no time, and there’s no scarring at all.

So if you’re looking to get tattoos removed in 2019, I’d suggest you do what I did – do your research, ask around, and don’t fall for the scams which will promise cheap tattoo removal!