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My Sydney Laser Tattoo Removal Experience

Wow time has flown!!! Just realised it’s been several years since I wrote on this little blog of mine, which has (for some reason) attracted quite a lot of spammers wanting to post their articles on my site ūüôā

Sorry guys, not gonna happen.

Sooo… on with the topic of this post!

The Unwanted Tattoo

Just like a huge number of people in Australia, I’ve got tattoos. Some of my tattoos are better than others. Some I love. Some I hate. Some I’m like… meh. Whatevs.

But there was one tattoo I had on my ankle which was really bothering me lately. It was so bad, I’m not even going to show it here as it may offend. Basically, I was in a REALLY dark place when I had that tattoo done, and for the last few years I’ve had it covered up with socks ūüôā

It wasn’t the worst one in the world though… I’ve got some friends who have to cover up their tattoos at work (really??? It’s 2019, you dictators!). Others have got tatts of their past boyfriends or girlfriends… relationships that ended VERY BADLY indeed.

While mine was easily covered up & normally out of view (except when at the beach… or if I was wearing sandles… or thongs… or lots of other times lol) I wanted it gone.

Goneskis. No more. Tattoo be gone!

Tattoo Removal Options

I had looked at lots of ways to get rid of this unwanted tattoo, because there are of course HEAPS of myths out there… like, tattoo removal creams. But… it just sounded too dodgey to be true. I dunno, the idea of rubbing cream on your skin to get rid of tattoos… seemed like something out of a late night infomercial, right???

I found other “do it yourself” kits as well, but they didn’t give me much confidence… each one just seemed like a “too good to be true” pitch, targeting people like me who were desperate for a change.

The only real option I could find was laser tattoo removal.

But then… then there were the horrors I read of laser tattoo removal gone wrong which scared the crap outta me.

Sorry… how much???

And the cost can really add up, too – I had heard of a woman being charged about $10k to get rid of a full leg tattoo. Yikes…

My research also showed that lots of tattoo removal clinics would low-ball clients just to get their business, then keep adding extra treatment after extra treatment because their devices weren’t able to get rid of the tattoo quickly.

This slime-ball approach to doing business really pisses me off, so be sure to do your homework before you commit to any one skin clinic!

Bit the Bullet…

Eventually I got the courage to get the work done. I asked my friends who had tattoos removed before. I checked out Choice & other online reviews. I did what we all do & ran a Google search for laser tattoo removal sydney to explore the best ones available in my area.

In the end, I ponied up the cash & got my tattoo removed once & for all. For me, it took 6 treatments & cost me around $800.

There was some discomfort, I’m not going to lie – anyone who tells you that tattoo removal is painless, well… they’re lying to themselves and you. It freakin’ stings!

Worth It?

Short answer: yes.

This tattoo had bothered me for over 7 years, so to me it was worth every penny to have it removed.

Did it hurt?

Um… yes!!! Much more than actually getting the tattoo in the first place.

But I feel sooooo much better. My skin healed in no time, and there’s no scarring at all.

So if you’re looking to get tattoos removed in 2019, I’d suggest you do what I did – do your research, ask around, and don’t fall for the scams which will promise cheap tattoo removal!

My Hair Salon Sydney Rant

WARNING: Hair Salons Sydney – Lift Your Game!

OK, now I’m mad. Hair salons Sydney wide are now officially on notice.


Over the past few months I’ve been shopping around the various hair halons Sydney has on¬†offer. I’ve invested my time, and my money, to find out which ones are good, which ones are bad, and which ones are just so-so.

Well guess what? Most of them just don’t add up at all!

Hair Salon First Impressions

What’s the first thing you do when you want to check out a new Sydney salon? Well if you’re like me, you’ll check out their website to get a sense of how they do things, but the first contact is going to be via phone or social media.

Hmmm. Let’s just say most salons in Sydney do NOT do social media well!!! They may have a Facebook page, a Pinterest or Instagram page, but when I reached out to most of them, I got NO REPLY. None.

That meant I had to go to the phone.

Would you believe that I even had trouble getting through to a lot of salons on the phone??? I get that they’re busy, could be with clients etc… but what kind of first impression is that?¬†Woeful is the word you’re looking for.

Mind you, some did answer the phone well & guided me through the booking process with minimal fuss… but those ones were the exceptions.

Walking In to the Salon

OK this one was a real mixed bag. While most salons looked pretty nice, with quality furnishings & interior designs, some looked like they were¬†seriously stuck in the 90’s. Not exactly what you’d call “modern & chic”.

Some of the salons had up-to-date magazines to flick through while I waited. Many had outdated, tattered & torn magazines. Many had none at all, so I resorted to my iPhone.


Sydney Hairdresser Opportunities to Shine!

If you’re a Sydney hairdresser, let me say this:¬†smile, engage in a lively conversation, and act like you actually LIKE cutting hair, and you’ll position yourself immediately above your competition. Seriously! It’s not hard to excel in this industry in Australia if you just do those things (and obviously you’ve got to be able to cut hair too…)

I love visiting the salon. I love getting my haircuts and relaxing for an hour or so. The least you can do as my hairdresser is not look at me like an interruption to your social calendar.

Is that too much to ask?

Rebooking Hair Appointments

From a business perspective, most hair salons¬†in Sydney that I visited did a pretty bad job of building client loyalty / repeat business. While I have sales pressure as much as the next gal, if I’ve just dropped $100+ on your establishment, wouldn’t you want to suggest I come back in 6 weeks or so? Wouldn’t you want your staff to record my contact details so I can get discounts, coupons or promotions as a loyal customer?

Sadly many salons just thanked me and watched me out the door.

That’s pretty sad.

It’s Not All Bad

Maybe I came across a bit bitchy here. Sorry if I did.¬†I did have a few good experiences like at Detail Woman, even if those salons were more “premium” than the not-so-good salons.

I guess it comes down to the old adage of getting what you pay for.

Anyway, hopefully this and my earlier post about hair salons Sydney will help you enjoy a better salon experience!

Hair stylist for men

Hair Stylist for Men in Sydney

Most of my articles so far in this blog have been about us girls… but what if your MAN is trying to find a good hair stylist in Sydney?

Well, you’ve got a lot of options because Sydney’s hairdressing scene is quickly becoming a competitive environment, particularly in the upper markets. You see, years ago the only real option for men who wanted their hair cut, was to go to a barber shop. Now, these barbers often charged about $10 to $15, used clippers & generally cut hair like on a conveyor belt. And I suppose this was good enough for most blokes, but what about those who wanted a better experience? They’d head to a unisex salon, and probably sneak in while nobody was watching, to avoid disappointment!

Not so today. With the boom of Sydney’s affluent consumers, the growth in up-market hair salons. Those salons are normally lead by a senior hair stylist with many years experience, managing a team of other highly-trained (but less experienced) hair stylists. Their focus is less on “churn & burn”, and more on the overall customer experience.

Some of the best Sydney hair salons for men now offer their customers complimentary drinks – a glass of wine, a bottle of ice cold beer, or a cider. A complimentary head massage may also be part of the deal.

In terms of pricing, you can forget the $10 entry fee. Most up market hair stylists are going to charge $70 or more for a man’s haircut. Of course, you get what you pay for, and an affluent man is likely to consider this price an investment in his relaxation rather than “just a hair cut”.

Why so?

Because their hair stylist recognises them on site. They remember their name. They know their “hair history”. And the customer feels like he’s part of an exclusive club, not just another walk-in number to be processed.

That sense of belonging can make all the difference for the affluent male. From what I hear, many customers of these upmarket hair salons are delighted to continue paying their $70-$100 per haircut month in, month out, referring their friends along the way. And many of them would never dream about going back to a traditional barber shop ever again, they’re customers for life!

So if your man is looking to get a better quality haircut, and they’re sick & tired of the regular barber experience, why not recommend they invest in themselves & try a high end Sydney hair salon for a change? They may be hesitant at first, but it’s likely they’ll never look back once they’ve had a chance to experience the difference of a quality Sydney hair stylist.

Hair salon model

What is the Best Sydney Hair Salon

Looking for the best Sydney hair salon?

Looking for the best Sydney hair salon?

If you ask any kind of woman who has a wonderful hairstyle who would certainly she recommend, a lot of them will advise their own hairstylist. Choosing the best Sydney hair salon where you can get a great cut, colour or makeover depends on where you live, and your economic circumstance. Finding the best hair salon needs a little bit of time & energy, too. Here’s some things to look out for when searching for that excellent hairdresser.

First up, you should ask for suggestions from good friends or perhaps individuals you do not know.

Virtually everybody loves to be on the receiving end of praise! If you start the conversation with an individual you do not know by complimenting them on their haircut or hair shade, they’ll be more likely to offer you the name of their stylist. Be on the lookout for people who have the very same kind of hair as you. If what you see is a terrific cut for someone with straight hair, but your hair is curly, the referral might not work as well for you as you’d hope. In fact, it could end up being a complete waste of time.

Magazines and online social sites like Pinterest & Instagram can also be helpful.

You can go to discussion forums or prominent websites that specialise in hairstyles.

When it comes time to choose a hair salon, you can set an appointment for consultation. Show up a little earlier as well as see them at the workplace. Just what is the relationship they have with their already existing customers? How does the location look? Is it clean as well as pleasant? Would certainly you enjoy ahead back to this place? Ask your stylist a couple of concerns and listen to his/hers pointers. You don’t have to follow up, however they may supply something you have not considered before. Getting your hair styled should be a pleasurable encounter not a stressful one. If the hair stylist lags on the sessions it implies they aren’t efficient approximating their time precisely.

Woman's hair salon

Woman’s hair salon

More Ways to Find the Best Sydney Hair Salon

If the hair stylist is late for the session, there is a good chance this attitude could continue for future appointments – their tardiness may be an indicator of things to come. When you select a hairstylist you intend to start a connection with them and also not be aggravated by little things like being late to appointments. Although it’s true you can’t rush fine art, and some great hair stylists can be high upkeep, you need to consider the pro’s & con’s of the situation. How is the beauty salon run? Exactly how does the assistant deal with the telephone calls? Are they calling you a day in advance to make sure you remember your appointment with them? Do they look rushed & bothered, or unhappy to be working there?

The best Sydney hair salon will not keep you waiting, nor will they get frustrated with you if you expect them to be on time.

Age plays a factor, too. For example, a young hairdresser is not going to have as much knowledgeable or experience as an older one, however they might have original or unique ideas in mind and also attempt to go where most hairdressers wouldn’t go. If you like try out your hair this could be a great option for you. If you like the more conventional kind, undoubtedly and also older individual will certainly be a much better match. What concerns us most is the ability of the hair stylist as well as the work they do. Where to go for the best cut, color, and design depends on your individual preference. And you don’t want to be handed over to lower-skilled staff without notice, especially if they’re not supervised by the more experienced hairdressers.

I hope these simple tips help you find the best Sydney hair salon for your unique hair needs!

Woman with beautiful hair

The Importance of Choosing A Great Hairdresser

If you’re like me, you started going to your local hair salon from a very young age with your mum. Hopefully you’ve got some fond memories of those times, and you may even remember how you felt & what you thought when you walked inside – and how you felt when you left! For me, I remember the hairdressers clearly – the ones who were interested in me and my hair, and the ones who looked like they wanted to be ANYWHERE¬†ELSE than right there in the hair salon!
As an adult, I’ve been to dozens of hair salons. Some more expensive than others. Some further away from home than others. Some bigger than others. But the one thing that has been true for me regardless of the salon, is the quality and personality of the hairdresser.
If only most hairdressers knew this! When we ladies go into a salon to get a new do, we want to be made to feel like we’re the most important person in the world. We don’t want the hairdresser to be obsessed with themselves, their weekend, their problems… we want to be all about US!

That’s why we will travel further to follow a hairdresser we love, when they leave one hair salon for another one, right?

You know you have a skilled hairdresser when they are the most requested in the salon. You can always tell the best ones because they’re able to multitask without impacting the quality of their work. This means they can make you feel comfortable and glamorous while they give you the best cut possible, and engage with you in interesting conversation.
Going to a Sydney hair salon today is an experience – it’s not just a quick “10 minutes in the chair” and you’re done. If you’re at a more expensive salon, chances are that the hairdresser will spend more time with you to ensure they give you exactly what you want. A skilled hairdresser will be able to listen to you more than they talk at you, but they’ll also make positive suggestions as to what you can do to improve the condition & health of your hair.

The Best Hairdressers Are Worth Their Cost

You really get your money’s worth when you find a top-notch hairdresser who can give you that perfect cut every time, and make you feel good about yourself at the same time! Although mistakes can happen, the best hair stylists are adept at fixing any issues quickly – without making you feel guilty. The good ones are even honest about it and will make creative suggestions on how to fix certain hairstyles. A good hairdresser can make you believe that they did good work – it often comes down to appearance, attitude & confidence.
Even though skilled hairdressers cost more money than the run-of-the-mill ones, it truly pays to find the best – after all, it’s your hair after all, which is one of the first things people notice about you… whether you like that fact or not!

Tips for a great experience at a hair salon in Sydney

Getting The Most Out Of A Hair Salon In Sydney

While it is possible to create a unique hairstyle independently at home, there’s nothing quite like having this same hairstyle done up by a professional at a hair salon in Sydney, such as Detail Woman¬†(one of my faves). This is becoming a common activity among women of all ages, simply because the results are better, it takes less time, and – frankly – it’s more fun than doing it yourself!

There are various factors to consider before visiting a salon. In some cases, a visit to the hair salon can end with disastrous results. This post will provide information on the points to take into account when visiting a hair salon in Sydney.

1. Choosing A Style

Acquiring a desired look will begin with choosing an interesting, yet appropriate, hairstyle.¬† This can be done by flicking through the hair salon’s magazines, or by discussing a twist on basic styles with the hairdresser. Initial selection is one of the most important elements to obtaining the desired result.¬† Of course, not all styles will suit your appearance and this is why the hair stylist must be consulted before cutting your hair. It may be disappointing if your desired hairstyle does not complement your facial features, but it is important to be realistic and understand why the style will not be suitable. Even if you’re disappointed in their feedback, it’s better than being disappointed (and maybe even embarrassed) if they try to style your hair that way, and it doesn’t work out like you’d hoped!

2. Communicating Expectations

Now that you have identified the style you desire, it is time to share this information with your professional consultant.¬† Effective communication is essential when relaying information about the style you’ve chosen.¬† Poor communication can lead to an incorrect representation of the chosen hairstyle and can lead to negative results, and when you don’t feel good about your appearance it’s likely to make you feel a bit… emotional,¬† Of course, you may express your expectations to the professional stylist and still receive a poor representation of the hairstyle.¬† No guarantees, of course. But to ensure that the hairdresser gives you high quality services, it is recommended that you read testimonials from previous customers on third party review websites. These testimonials should also be prominent on their website, and mostly positive!

3. Voicing Your Concerns

Your hair is unique to you, and your stylist should be skilled enough to acknowledge this and manage your needs accordingly. If you have specific concerns regarding the styling, it is important that you mention these to the your hairdresser before, during and after the session.  If you do not express concerns, it may be possible that the result will not meet expectations; however, if the concerns are voiced the stylist can adjust their cutting to meet your desires.  At any leading Sydney hair salon, your hairstylist should be skilled enough to be flexible, and able to adapt on the fly, so you walk out with hair you love.

Hair drying in a hair salon

Hair drying in a hair salon

4. Understanding HOW TO Maintain your new do

An acknowledgement and understanding of hair maintenance relates is similar to the points I mentioned about voicing your concerns. Basically, you need to ask enough questions that you’re confident and comfortable in what you need to do – every day – to keep your hair in its best condition for the style you’ve chosen. Don’t be afraid to ask for definitions of any unfamiliar terms.

Final Thoughts

Visiting a hair salon in Sydney can be very exciting; hopefully these tips will help you get the most out of your next relaxing salon experience!

Influential Celebrity Hairstyles

How crazy did the world go back in the 90’s, when Friends was the hottest show on TV?

The media went insane about Jennifer Aniston‘s hairstyle. It seemed every girl wanted Jen’s hair, and it became one of the most sought-after styles of recent times.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the various styles she’s rocked over the past two decades:

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles

It’s got to be one of the most influential hair styles I’ve ever seen.

Mind you, according to some reports, Anne Hathaway owns that crown. Huh. I wouldn’t have guessed that!

Here’s some quick pics of Anne’s many hairstyles:

Anne Hathaway's Hairstyles

Anne Hathaway’s Hairstyles

They’re just two of my favourites. I’ll be sure to add more in future posts ūüôā


The Benefits Of Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment

Keratin treatment can fix many of your hair issues… for a few months ūüôā

Your¬†hair is a very critical part of your¬†body. Not only does your hair play a significant role in the regulation of body temperatures but it also says a lot about your¬†overall appearance. Some people are born with shiny¬†&¬†healthy hair (lucky ducks!) while there are others of us who experience various¬†problems with our¬†hair… on a daily basis. For those of us¬†who experience problems, the good news is, there’s a number of¬†treatments which can help us improve the health and appearance of our¬†hair. One of the most common hair treatments used today is known as Keratin treatment. This treatment is a half-permanent (semi-permanent?) kind of process that is meant to induce Keratin into the hair shaft. If you didn’t know already,¬†Keratin is the natural protein that is found in your hair. This protein plays a major¬†role in strengthening your hair, making it shinier and more¬†flexible.

Thank-you, science! ūüôā

Here are some benefits I’ve found of using keratin straightening treatments:

Complete Elimination Of Frizz

Frustrated by frizzy hair? If so, then keratin was designed with you in mind.¬†This is one of the most outstanding benefits of keratin hair treatment. After this treatment, you will have smooth and beautiful hair even in the most humid conditions. Different formulas for this treatment will determine how long your hair will stay soft, but the normal range seems to be somewhere¬†between two and¬†six months (if you’re lucky).

Save Time Blow Drying

Another¬†benefit of keratin treatment is that it saves you lots of¬†time! Most gals¬†waste a lot of time blow-drying and using their flat iron on their hair. Keratin treatments can¬†save up to sixty percent off the time it takes you to¬†dry and style your hair. Think of what else you could do with all that extra time! Like searching on Pinterest, for example… you know, productive stuff like that…

It Seals In The Colour

Keratin treatment can be applied¬†on natural or chemically treated hair. If you’re thinking about getting a colour done,¬†it seems best to do so before¬†you treat your hair¬†with keratin. The reason for¬†this, is that the moment keratin is sealed on your hair, the color that had been applied on your¬†hair previously is sealed effectively. The keratin you’ll get¬†from the treatment also prevents the colour from fading. Think of it as an added bonus!

Keratin Can Be Customised

Obviously, every girl’s hair is different. Keratin¬†treatment is helpful because¬†it can be customised¬†to fit your¬†particular needs. Some keratin formulas are designed to eliminate up to seventy percent of curls while there are others that have their focus on the elimination of frizz. All these formulas and several others give you¬†several customisable options to choose from. Different formulas can also be applied to various parts of the hair to bring out the desired look.

So there you have it – some of the biggest reasons why I love¬†keratin treatment. Whenever you start experiencing issues with your hair, go for the keratin treatment, and you never know – it may just¬†solve your hair problems… at least, for two to six months!

DISCLAIMER – Be Careful Who You Choose!

I should mention, there¬†are “horror stories” about Keratin online, like this one:

So my suggestion is this: check out the hair salon before getting any keratin treatment done! 

Check their reviews, talk to your friends, do your due diligence… before¬†proceeding with the treatment. One hair salon I hear good things about is Detail Woman¬†(see their indepth WordPress article at that link), but there are plenty of other options to choose from too.

How to Choose a Sydney Hair Salon

Choosing The Best Sydney Hair Salon

How to Choose the Best Sydney Hair Salon

How to Choose the Best Sydney Hair Salon

There is no doubt that most people want to look good. One of the things that contributes a lot to the appearance of an individual is their hair. If you want your hair to look good, you need to find the best Sydney hair salon for you. There are many hair salons in Sydney to choose from, so it goes without saying that not all of them are going to be perfect for you. Below are some tips that may help you find the best salon for your specific needs.

Inquire From Your Friends And Relatives.

If you see a person with a hair style you like, make it a point of asking them which hair salon they visited to get that look.¬†Personal recommendations are very useful in finding the best Sydney hair salon.¬†It is worth noting that the people who have similar hair to yours are the best ones to ask for recommendations. Why? Simply because you’re more likely to be able to achieve similar results if you find the right hairdresser.¬†By asking for suggestions, you can also get extra information, such as any negative reviews or feedback they can share with you – so you know which salons to avoid!

Schedule A Consultation

Before you settle on a Sydney hair salon, you need to schedule an appointment with them where you can talk to them and see how they present themselves. Most of us have distinct hair needs, and it is important for you to gauge whether the salon in question is be able to satisfy your particular needs and implement the ideas you have about your hair. You should also ask their hairdressers about their ideas and see what they have to say. There is no doubt that by the end of the consultation, you will have gauged whether the salon in question is best for you or not.

Do Not Be Blinded By The Costs

You should never get blinded by the prices charged by a Sydney hair salon. It is obvious that you need to ensure you can afford regular visits to the salon of your choice. If you see one that is always trying to acquire new customers by advertising special offers through social media and radio, take that as a red flag. A good Sydney hair salon is able to maintain its customers with minimal turnover.

As a famous saying goes, cheap is expensive. Going for a hair salon in Sydney that is cheap is not the best option. The reason behind this is that since the salon has to make a¬†profit to survive, and the amount of money obtained from the customers is very small per transaction,¬†there’s no way they will be able to get the best hair stylists with the best training, and the best hair products¬†for your hair.

Check Hair Salon Reviews and Testimonials Online

A quality hair salon is going to be supported by a strong following of client testimonials and reviews. These reviews can be on sites like Facebook, Google+, Yelp, and other online business directories.

Ideally, you’re looking for a Sydney hair¬†salon which has 4-5 Star Reviews. Also, you want to ensure that any complaints or negative reviews are adequately addressed by the¬†salon staff.

Watch out for fake reviews, though – you can normally spot these based on poor grammar, spelling mistakes, overly-exotic sounding usernames, or reviews which are “keyword stuffed”. For example:

ABC is the best hair salon in sydney. For the best hair salon in sydney call ABC.

A genuine review is going to be more “real” than that!

Finally, don’t feel obligated to return to a hair salon that gives you poor service. You’re in control, so feel free to move on to the next salon and try again.

Good luck with your searching!